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Llami Sherpa, CitC Sponsored Teachers talks about what inspires her to teach:

When asked to write about the Students who inspire them the most what our teachers have to Say- Hear it from Lami Sherpa;
UntitledThuldhan2"It’s me Lami Sherpa from Sagarmatha Secondary School, Bung – 4 Solukhumbu have been teaching profession associated in teaching profession sponsored by CITC in basic level. Classroom in the Clouds has supported this school providing two teachers, I am one of them. I have taken training provided by Reed Nepal, Classroom in the clouds on teaching development. Before the training I felt difficulty in teaching and after training I am inspired through various teaching teaching skills so that I am fond of teaching small kids preaching new skills and I also feel quite wonderful. I can lead them for hours using child oriented song, games and group activities. I am informed in the training about teaching materials so I have practiced and make my classes interesting, wonderful, fruitful where all the students are engaged in learning at that time I’d be proud. Using various teaching method and teaching technique students are to learn enthusiastically that I felt. All the students are enthusiastic however one Tuladhan kulung is hard working, intelligent and honest who reads in class two whose father was deceased in trekking falling in avalanche and his mother eloped leaving four children in their house and his uncle was Llami in classcompelled to care the children who is kind and he is caring all the children equally.12 years old Thuladhan Kulung (pictured left carrying rocks to supplement the family income) is so longing type and before and after the school hour. He supports the house working in the farm, cutting grass, carrying wood. However he is talent in all subjects. He is expert in drawing, reading and playing games too. If he will get positive assistance he will be a good personality in future.
At last I would like to remember Tuladhan who is talent, hardworking, student that keeps inspiring me to teach and I promise to bolster him by teaching actively and effectively."