3 days of Menstrual Health management training have taken place this September at Shree Janata Secondary School in Lokhim attended by 80 female students and 79 female parents.
The training was co-ordinated by CITC sponsored teacher Phambi Rai, medical nurse Liza Nararkoti, CITC's Education Development Manager Samden Sherpa and Education Support Worker Mani Kumar Rai.
The sessions covered the concept of menstrual health and hygiene, the male and female reproductive system, reproductive health, pregnancy, and prenatal and postnatal care and precautions.
Hands on activities included the use of sanitary pads, yoga for physical and mental fitness during menstruation, use of a menstrual calendar and making menstrual bracelets, It was especially encouraging for the parents to be in attendance and the numbers increased as word travelled around the village!
50% of female medical cases in Lokhim are related to urinary tract infections, we hope that the training will build more awareness on menstrual health and hygiene and reproductive health, eventually helping to reduce this statistic.

The training is part of CITC’s commitment to helping girls to stay in education in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal. Our project work around training, the provision of sanitation facilities, as well as the production and distribution of high quality, reusable and eco-friendly menstrual kits is continuing to make an impact on local women and girls. By working with the local communities to educate through engaging, practical activities we aim to help break down the barriers around menstrual health, enabling girls to fulfil their learning potential.

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