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TeachersSpring 2016


12 Teachers from CitC partner schools attended the Spring 2016 training held at the Himalayan English Boarding School in Lukla.  Many teachers came from all over the lower Solu Khumbu, walking for up to 2 days to reach Lukla over their weekend extended holiday.  It was the second training for Classrooms in the Clouds sponsored teachers and they had plenty of opportunities to catch up and share the experiences and challenges of teaching in remote villages.  Bringing with them "found items" such as bottle tops, sticks, plastic containers and shiny paper, we spent time looking at how to create interesting lessons using "found practical items".  

Teaching materials are in very short supply and in many cases even text books are not always available.  Using whiteboards made from laminated white paper, teachers learnt how to support children's learning through active participation and how whiteboards can be used as a quick and easy assessment tool.  

Understanding of how meeting children's physical needs can help them to learn more easily, we explored Mazlow's hierarchy of needs using pictures of children to understand how fear, anxiety, hunger and lack of confidence makes learning more difficult for students.  

We looked at how simple lesson plans help to organise lessons and ensure continuity of learning and how classrooms rules create a more positive and collaborative enviroment especially when they are discussed and agreed by teachers and students together.

Having the opportunity to look round Shree Lukla Lower Secondary School and spend time in their library and computer suite, enabled teachers to see a new learning environment and how different  teaching settings can help the learning experience.  Head Teacher, Bikram Kumar Rajbhandari showed teachers round the school and shared inspiring words of wisdom 'leave politics and personal anxieties outside the door of the classroom and focus on the education of your students'.

Facilitated by Samden Sherpa, Education Development Manager, and Sarah Hagen, Trustee and Education Adviser, ensured that the focus of the training matched closely to the needs of the teachers and their students.  

Samden introduced the new job description for the teachers and linked it to the CitC appraisal system which will be implemented this year to address individual teacher needs and support teachers in their individual settings.  

Thank you to all the CitC teacher team for making this a truly valuable and successful few days of training.

Feedback from the teachers has been very positive and they have been putting their new skills into practise in the classrooms.

"Phura Jangmi Sherpa

Namaste mam. I m sorry for late post. Hear are some pc from class nursery b to class one. Children are very excited to write on white board. And from our training, starting alphabet writing start from c is one of the most achievable method. Thank you so much for those new skill for us.

Mingma Chhamji Sherpa

Students are so excited to learning by using materials and they understand better then before. With love Mingma

Chhimi Cerpa

after training useful teaching method applying in the library and classroom. Mani & Chhimi Thank you"

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