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Girl Drinking from tap at Thulodhunga

Shree Chandrodaya Primary School, Thulodhunga, Basa now has clean filtered water and separate boys' and girls' toilets thanks to a grant from the British Foreign Schools Society, BFSS .  The work was completed at the end of May 2016.  The filter system is a very simple arrangement perfected by an Engineer Sonam Sherpa from Lukla, Nepal.  He has already created a larger filtration system that provides clean water to all the homes in Lukla.  Sonam designed a smaller scheme for Classrooms in the Clouds and the design costs and training were supported by a donation from Andy and Anne Matson.  This filtration scheme will form the basis for all the future filtered water systems for Classrooms in the Clouds schools.  Sonam trained the Head Teacher from Shree Chandrodaya to fit the small tanks and gravel and sand which filters the water from the mountain spring just above the school.  The water is then brought down to holding tanks just behind the school by a system of pipes, mostly buried in the ground.  The water can then be open and shut from the holding tanks and excess water is piped down into the village.  Bhim, the Head Teacher returned from his training in Lukla and was able to fit the tanks and pipes that now provide filtered water to the school.  All future maintenance and repair work can now be done locally thanks to Bhim's training and knowledge.