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Click on image to see local village of Mirge and Opening of the newly reconstructed classrooms 

Majhgaun Spring 2016

The village of Mirge is North East of Kathmandu and South West of Lukla.  It was very badly effected by the earthquakes last year.  The pictures in the gallery above show the temporary buildings and destroyed homes of the local community.  Friend of CitC, Charlie Bartlett, from Merseyside, UK, has been working with families in Mirge to provide temporary shelters for the village.  With the usual resiliance and fortitude they continue to farm the land and keep their lives going as best they can.  

Their local primary school, Shree Majhgaun, is now finished.  Rebuilt by Classrooms in the Clouds it incorporates reinforced lintels and ties for earthquake resistance.MapofMirge

The opening of the rebuilt classrooms took place on 6th June 2016 and was attended by CItC Trustee Dawa Geljen Sherpa, CitC NGO committee members including Ang Ghombu Sherpa and CitC Education Development Manager, Samden Sherpa.  We are proud to be able open a second project just 13 months after the second earthquake and look forward to following the progress of the students from the village and their teachers in the coming months.

Thank you to our donors, Kirfaid, US, New Hampshire Nepalese Community US and donations from so many people around the world to the CitC Earthquake Recovery Fund.