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Click on image to see photographs of Menstrual Health Training at Shree Bakhapalam

 Menstrual Health Bakh

Samden Sherpa, Education Development Manager CitC's email to an International NGO making menstrual kits for women and girls in remote corners of the world.  

Respected Usha Ji and all the Members of Days for Girls,

Classrooms in the Clouds(CItC)  is proud to partnership with Days for Girls in order to create community awareness on menstrual health and promote Days for Girls Menstrual Health Kit in the communities that Classrooms in the Clouds work with. Most of the communities that CitC work with are located in the remote region of Solukhumbu and basic Menstrual Health kits like sanitary pad aren’t available for use in those communities. Many of the women and girls end up using old and unclean cloths/rags during their menstruation. There are cases that female students don’t come to school during menstruation just because they don’t have proper menstrual management facility at school. Classrooms in the Clouds aims of overcoming these barriers and creating a gender friendly school system, which would further create an environment to gender equality in the community. 
At present we will be conducting the Menstrual Health Awareness Training at Shree Bakhapalam Secondary School at Bakhapalam in Sotang VDC of Solukhumbu. There are at least 50 female children who are in or about to attain Puberty stage. The training will also include the senior female member of their family to ensure the family awareness and support required for menstrual health management. So all total we’ll have 100+ participants in the training who will also be distributed the menstrual health kit. We’ll also involve the local women who are professional tailors and try to explore if they can stitch those kits in the community itself for sustainable use of the kits. If possible we’ll like to explore the type of benefits they could achieve from Days for Girls to encourage them to produce those kits in the community itself. 
CitC sponsored teachers at the school, specially the female, will help coordinate the training and will later on lead the training in the other CitC schools that we support. In this way we are hoping to develop a sustainable training model in our communities and also develop the leadership skills of our teachers. 
We’ll be happy for any comments and suggestion on the training. 
Thank you to all the Days for Girls Team for the support.
Best regards
Samden Sherpa
Education Development Manager
Classrooms in the Clouds