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Dawa Yangee CITCNepal Sponsored Teacher, Principal of Himalayan English Boarding School, Lukla

"I am very much well here with the kids in Himalayan English Boarding School (HEBS). I did my teaching at Lukla Dawa Yangi HEBSSchool for the past 2 years and I joined HEBS recently. About my family, my father left us when I was 12 years old. At the time my brother was not even a year old. And now we are six members including my mother,2 sisters,1 brother, my daughter and me. My home town is Lukla. I stay with my mom and daughter here in Lukla. I did a lot of struggle during my past 26 years. At the time of schooling, I kept dreaming of my father and thought to do a lot for my family. What I came to know is Dawa YangiHEBSthat, without a father a family is a burden. I completed my plus two from Xavier International and I joined Goldengate for my Bachelor but unfortunately due to some financial problem I left in the middle of the session. I have a responsibility to look after all my family. With the earning, here in Lukla, I pay for my sister's college fee and get stuffs that is needed in the house. I wanted to teach to make difference in children's lives and help guide them to make the right choices in life. I would love to be with the kids because it gets me linked to my old days. I would love to share my feelings and would love to listen to what they say which makes more connected within the teacher and child behavior. I feel proud to say that I am one of the CITC sponsored teacher because CITC has overcome with lots of teacher training that I have never gained before. It also has helped me in encouraging doing a lot of things beside teaching. I always wanted to be a part of CITC family and now I am which I usually dreamt of. Mingma Chhamji Miss has always supported me and motivated me forward from being failure. Thank you so much for making me a part of CITC family."