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Educate to Lead


Click on image for link to International Soroptimists Education to Lead 

We are delighted to confirm the success of the Classrooms In The Clouds bid to the International Soroptimists Educate to Lead Campaign.  Inspired and led by the Soroptomists' International President, Yvonne Simpson, through her Education to Lead Programme, the bid will facilitate the CITC "Inspire Programme" with  intensive and focused training for at least 10 CITC sponsored teachers and more than 1200 girls. Trustee Dawa Geljen Sherpa, pictured right with Yvonne Simpson and members of the Kathmandu Soroptimists.Dawa with KTM Sorops and Int President


As well as Intensive Teacher Training and mentoring, CITC will be able to provide follow up support through 2 Educational Support Workers working in the classroom alongside CITC teachers in at least 10 schools in the remote regions of Nepal.  Developing child centred learning approaches using the 'Train the Trainer', model CITC will also be supporting First Aid and Menstrual Health training to benefit women and girls in village schools and support more Chester Soroptimists with Dawaenlightened approaches to female health and welfare.  Involving the whole school community, CITC's Inspire programme will support gender equality in schools and develop strong female role models through CITC's female teachers and CITC partners in the school and village communities.  


We are deeply thankful to the Soroptimists Educate to Lead Campaign and the support of Chester Soroptimists, in particular Anne MacDonald pictured left with CITC Trustee Dawa Geljen Sherpa.   Chester Soroptiimists have championed the CITC initiatives and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with the International Soroptimists Community.  Thank you very much.