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Kangel Oct Cadets update 4

Good luck to the Cheshire and London Fire Cadets who are setting off to Nepal to help the students of Kangel! 


CITCNepal has been working with the Cheshire Fire Cadets, who are being partnered by the London Fire Cadets to raise the funds needed to support the project.

Over the last 2 years, the cadets have worked hard to raise money to build 6 new much needed earthquake resistant classrooms in the village of Kangel. 

Old building


Shree Jeevan Jyoti Higher Secondary School sustained severe and devastating damage due to the 2015 Earthquakes.  Since that time children have been studying in inadequate, temporary shelters that are prone to overheating in the hot Nepalese sun and leaking during the monsoon season.  This disruption to the learning environment is extremely challenging for the children and teachers.

Map of Kangel

The cadets will fly into Kathmandu and from there they will embark on a four and a half day trek over the mountainous Himalayan terrain to reach Kangel.


They will assist with the final stage of the build and will attend the opening ceremony.  This will celebrate the innovative 2 storey build which will ultimately include a filtered water system which will provide clean drinking water and gender specific toilets.Design

CITC is proud to be a leader in exemplary construction work and the high standard of the build is clear to see.

The construction team has worked hard to overcome challenges, brought by this year’s particularly heavy monsoon season.


Picture RowWe look forward to sharing updates from the trip!