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Kharikhola ECED completed classrooms


There has been much reason to celebrate in the remote village of Kharikhola, near Lukla as 4 new Early Years (ECED) classrooms at Shree Kharikhola Secondary School have been officially opened.  Despite work only beginning at the site in November, the ambitious plans have been completed on schedule and to an exemplary earthquake resistant standard.  The build has attracted great support from the local community who place a high value on education and credit must be given to them for working together preparing the land and carrying building materials. Read more about the construction here.

Locals carrying roof truss


Apprentices painting at Kharikhola

The project has been supported by the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Apprentices who have not only spent 2 years working hard to fundraise for the build but have also travelled thousands of miles and trekked for days through challenging terrain to get stuck in and help out in person.  

Once they arrived, they worked flat out completing jobs around the site and painting inside and out ready for the handover of the building.  Their dedication and commitment has been incredible. Read their blog here.


Cheshire Fire Apprentices Kharikhola Cheshire Fire Mural Kharikhola 2018

Ribbon cutting at Kharikhola

The new design sees two pairs of classrooms joined by a covered shared area; this practical design will provide the necessary space for child centred activities which will excite and engage the children, helping to foster enthusiasm and a love of learning.

The facility will be used by 100 ECED children but will ultimately benefit the whole school of 410 students as the new teaching methods cement a strong foundation for future educational practice.

Teaching and learning will be monitored on an ongoing basis by CITC’s Education Support Worker Mingma Chhamji Sherpa.

Advice, support and training will also be given to the teachers to ensure that learning opportunities are maximised and best practice is achieved.


There was a great atmostphere at the opening ceremony with speeches from appreciative members of the school and community and joyful dances from the children.


Work is also now underway on the installation of two gender specific toilet blocks, due to be completed in April.


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Children dancing Kharikhola


 CITCNepal spends 95% of all donations at grassroots level.  If you would like to make a difference, please click here

feverest for news article



This February saw CITCNepal’s first ‘Feverest challenge’, a brainchild of CITC supporter Oliver Middleton. The idea was to run/walk or cycle the height of Everest 8.8km to support children’s education in Rural Nepal.


Olly decided to take on a personal challenge to run 250km in February, which is the equivalent to the height of Everest every day!  The stats have been collated and Olly has covered the full 250km in under 19 hours.  


Olly Feverest stats 2018

Olly running in CITC T shirt Feverest 2018
 Shayne Feserest 2018



Well done also to Shayne Adams who, inspired by Olly also took on the challenge to run 250km and has managed to cover an incredible 273km during February which is the equivalent of 31 times the height of Everest! 

Olly and Shayne have battled the cold weather as well as illness and aches and pains in their determined efforts to help young Nepalese children to get an education and have the opportunity to fulfil their learning potential.


Thank you to everyone who completed their own 8.8km Feverest challenges and to those who donated and supported the cause.


It was great to see so many people getting involved, sharing their photos and spreading the word using the hastag #Feverest.


So far the fundraising figure has reached nearly £3000 which is fantastic.


All money raised will directly benefit children in some of the most underprivileged parts of Nepal.


Don't forget to follow @CITCNepal on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date will all things CITC!



It’s not too late to make a donation to Feverest.  Click here to make a difference

Children Nepal excited for website

£8.00 = 1 day's salary for a CITC teacher

£10.00 = 3 Nepali books for the school libraries

£20 = 70 bricks for building classrooms and toilets

£15 = 3 reusable menstrual kits for young women in school

£30 = First Aid Kit for a school

£50 = 20 books for a school library in Nepal

£100 = A sink with a tap for clean water

£1,000 = pipework for a clean water system

£5,000 = 50 benches and desks for 200 students


Cheshire Fire’s Sam Rogers, Rachel Main, Joshua Brunning and Hollie Barlow have taken part in an interview on Martin Logan’s The Irish in the UK show along with Sarah Hagen from Classrooms in the Clouds.

The interview was a fantastic opportunity for the apprentices to talk about the fundraising they have been working so hard at to help children in Nepal to get an education. Over the last two years, they have dedicated their time and efforts to support the funding for the new 4 classroom Early Years Centre in the remote village of Kharikhola, Nepal which is due to be completed in March. They also discussed their upcoming trip to the school where they will help the community to finish the project in time for the opening. Read more here.

It was great to see Sarah Hagen on the show to spread the word about the work of Classrooms in the Clouds and to express CITC’s appreciation for the apprentices’ commitment and enthusiasm for the project.

Click here to watch the show


Building work continues at Shree Kharikhola Secondary School as the walls and windows of the four new, high quality Early Years classrooms are set into place.

progress 8 progress 9 


There has been incredible support from the local community who have been keen to get the project moving.

Here Headteacher Mr Padam and students are contributing their time and efforts to move bricks to the site. 

Their commitment and enthusiasm has helped the project to gather pace and there is a real buzz in the village!

progress 7 progress 5

The completion date is set for March, where the community will be joined by the Cheshire Fire Apprentices who have been fundraising for the build for the last 2 years.  Click here to read more


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Building work is well underway and rapid progress is being made at Shree Kharikhola Secondary School in the village of Kharikhola in the Solukumbu region of Nepal. This exciting project will provide a specialist Early Years centre which will make a big difference to the youngest children and the wider community of Kharikhola.

Kharikola 4 Kharikola 3  


Thanks to help from the local community, demolition work of the old, inadequate school building has been completed and local building materials have been gathered.  This has allowed for the team of labourers to prepare the ground and lay the foundations.  Exemplarily construction techniques are being used to ensure the build is of an Earthquake resistant standard. Reinforced cement concrete and strong columns have been put in place to provide great strength and durability.

Once completed, the centre will provide 4 classrooms, designed specifically for child centred learning and the ambitious completion date is set for March 2018!

Collage for news update Jan 2018 2

The project has had huge support from the Cheshire Fire Apprentices who have been working tirelessly to fundraise, click here to read more

Please check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for further updates