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Kangel School
Established in 1962, Shree Jeevan Jyoti Higher Secondary School was catastrophically damaged by the 2015 Earthquakes. With education seriously underfunded by Government, the future of Nepal's children rests with NGO's like CITCNepal.  Children are studying in woefully inadequate temporary classrooms which overheat in the strong Nepalese sunshine and leak during the heavy rains of the monsoon season.  Head Teacher, Janak Kumar Thapa, petitioned CITCNepal in April 2016 requesting 6 new classrooms as follows:

"State of the problems:

Due to the lack of economic fund the school is not able to create good physical environment in the school though we are keenly interested to manage.Now we have lack of a building with at least 6 rooms in the school.There are all together 14 rooms that all are used. We are compelled to conduct ECD and Grade 1 in the same room due to lack of rooms likewise we are hardly managing optional classes for grade 9 and10 for which we have to wait till 6th period when the junior students go home. Not only above problems school is compelled to conduct 10+2 classes in the morning shift though government policies and instruction is to conduct those classes in the day time. So to create the child friendly rooms in the school we are seekingKangel temporary classrooms the help to construct a good building at school .

Importance and Implication of the programme:

If we are able to setup a new building at school firstly the student will be directly benefited. They will enjoy coming and sitting in the class. Teacher will be able to demonstrate educational materials and manage the class easily which finally lives to the quality education in the school. Similarly students from the neighboring school and VDC will also be interested to come in our school that helps to increase the number of students in the school. So to provided quality education it will be a mile stone for the school."      

Following site visits from Trustees, CITCNepal Engineer and representatives of Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, UK, CITCNepal are now working in partnership with Cheshire Fire Cadets to raise money for the rebuilding of 6 classrooms. The new buildings will be built on a piece of land donated by the original founder of the school. The land has been prepared by the local community as part of the 20% buy-in required by CITCNepal.
The school serves a community of around 1800 people of many different castes and ethnic groups and includes Buddhists, Hindus and Christians.  The main employment for local people is subsistence farming, growing mainly maize, millet and potatos. A few families have jobs in the trekking industry and small businesses.  
Together with the inspirational Cheshire and London Fire Cadets, Classrooms in the Clouds will be raising over £100,000 to build 6 earthquake resistant classrooms.  We will need to do further fundraising to provide a filtered water system to provide clean drinking water and gender specific toilets  to the school.  
The two storey design with earthquake resistance has been approved by the Ministry of Education and will be built to post earthquake constructions standards 'Building Back Better'. Clean water and gender specific toilets will be the second phase of this Sonam SantoshEngineersexciting development.  
Sonam Sherpa, CITCNepal Engineer, seen right with Site Manager, Santosh and Chair of CITCNepal, Mike Hagen, will oversee the project. Sonam's home town of Lukla has a clean water system that feeds all homes and shops in the town designed and installed under the professional expertise of Sonam. Sonam is part of an innovative and cutting edge group of young business people in Lukla who have been responsible for many strong initiatives that are changing the lives of the local people. They are the new generation of young educated leaders who have the skills and the knowledge to build strong futures for their communities.  

Cheshire Fire Cadets 2013 - 2015 Fundraising Project - 8 Classrooms at Thulodhunga - Shree Chandrodaya Primary School, Basa

In November 2013, Nick Evans, Group Manager for Youth Engagement, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, travelled with CitC Trustees, Mike and Sarah Hagen and Dawa Geljen Sherpa to the small rural village of Thulodhunga overlooked by the awe-inspiring snow covered peak of Sagarmatha (Mount Everest). Unlike the many other times we had visited previously, Sagarmatha was at it's best outlined against a brilliant blue sky with barely a cloud in sight.



The village supports the education of around 100 students in classrooms that face onto the path of a busy trail frequented by mules, porters and villagers walking to and from the market places of the foothills of Everest selling wares to supplement a meagre farming income.  Dusty, ramshackle buildings with little natural light and small inadequate classrooms provide the daily shelter for teaching and learning at the school.  The constant stream of people passing outside the classrooms and crossing over the open spaces where the children play out, made learning difficult and the conditions very dusty and dirty.

Thanks to the amazing efforts of 15 Cheshire Fire Cadets  and their leaders, new classrooms are being built on a piece of land purchased by the school to provide a safer more appropriate site for the new school.  The Cadets have successfully raised over £60,000 in the course of 2 years to cover the building of 8 new classrooms and the costs of their trip out to Nepal in October 2015.  Click on the image below to view photos of the building project.

August Thulo

The first CitC project was completed in the village of Lukla in November 2009.

Two new classrooms equipped with benches and tables and some computers were built with the support of funds from CitC donors.

In April 2014 92% of the children passed their end of year examinations and progressed to the next grade.  

The new classrooms at Shree Bakhapalam Lower Secondary School were formally opened, at a wonderful ceremony on 20th March 2011. The children moved into the new school, with Year 8 attending class locally for the first time, rather than having to travel for up to 2-3 hours to the nearest high school in Shivatar.


Two of our lovely donors, Hazel and Shayne Adams from Kaboodle, in Shropshire have written a fantastic blog about their experiences on the day. To read their story, please click here.

The total cost of 8 new classrooms, was around £35,000 (approx AUS $52,000). We continue to support the school through the sponsorship of teachers, provision of further teaching resources, books and playground equipment and supporting the community to create a library in one of the former classrooms.

Once again, we have Graham Foulds and The Children of Solu Khumbu Nepal Trust ( to thank for providing us with whiteboards for all of the classrooms. Graham also provided a further 4 whiteboards for the government built classrooms, and again provided tracksuits for all of the children.

The population of this region is around 1,500 and there are about currently around 310 students at the school, however we expect this to grow to as many as 450 with the building of these new classrooms. Bakhapalam is a 3 day walk southeast of Lukla, the gateway to the Everest region and 2 day walk north east of Paphlu. 

The Sotang community requested a new school with 8 classrooms and 3 toilets, to enable them to provide education up to and including Year 10, and achieve the School Leaving Certificate.  Since 2011 2 more classrooms have been built.  Read more

Prior to the building of the new school there were only 7 classes (one of them outdoors), and the school only operated from Year 1 - Year 7 (up to Lower Secondary level). The children had no playground at all.

The Principal, Geeta Basnet, School Management Committee are delighted with the outcomes of their partnership with CitC and the opportunity that the new classrooms will give their children. 

To read an English translation of the letter of thanks from Geeta Basnet, the headmaster of Shree Bakhapalam School, please click here

From April 2012, we have extended our support for the school by paying for the salaries of two new teachers, Chhimi Sherpa and Mani Kumar Rai. For more details about the two teachers we are sponsoring, please click here