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To: Classrooms in the Clouds

Subject: Vote of Thanks

Shree Bakhapalam Lower Secondary School Sotang-8, would like to express its heart full of gratitude to the “Classrooms in the Clouds” for its significant contribution in making of the new school building. “Classrooms in the Clouds” contributed for all sort of financial matter to build the new school building with 8 spacious classrooms. They have also supported the school in many other ways to improve the quality of education and betterment of the school resources.

The entire team of the Teachers, Students, Parents and the School Management Committee are thankful and contented to the “Classrooms in the Clouds” for their support. The new school building has added charm to the faces of the children. We have spacious classrooms and also a big playground. We have many students coming from other nearby villages to study at our school. Some students even walk for 2 hrs to come and study at our school. In the past we didn’t have school in Bakhapalam, so many people were uneducated and compelled to spend hard life. With the establishment of new school we assure many children in the village will get proper education which will help them create an educated and civilized society to develop the village.

The School Administration Committee would like to wish “Classrooms in the Clouds” for its better future. Also we would like to elongate our relationship for the further progress of the school.