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The first CitC project was completed in the village of Lukla in November 2009.

Two new classrooms equipped with benches and tables and some computers were built with the support of funds from CitC donors.

In April 2014 92% of the children passed their end of year examinations and progressed to the next grade.  

The total cost of the buildings, including computers was approximately £17,000 (AUS$25,000). CitC sponsor two female teachers at Shree Lukla School, Mingma and Hari Maya.  

Every class now has a teacher whereas, previously, one class had to go without a teacher each day, as there were seven classes and only six teachers. The children and teachers are learning computer skills and with the introduction of solar panels provided by Swiss donors in 2014,  the electricity supply is more predictable. The new classrooms are brighter, with skylights and white painted walls and strong, secure roofs that will not let snow in during the winter, or rain in during the monsoon.  New guttering has been fitted to prevent the monsoon rain seeping into the rooms and a bright cheerful library has been equipped and set up by Australian supporters and friends of Virginia Dixon, the CitC Australian Coordinator.  

So what are the results?

Several families have already brought their children home from boarding schools in Kathmandu.  They are now benefiting from the children being home with their friends and families. 

In 2011, the Government has upgraded the school from a Primary School to a Lower Secondary School. This means that classes can continue up to Year 8 now without children having to travel to another nearby school.