An 8 classroom CITC building project has been completed In the remote rural village of Thulodhunga. The new classrooms replace a hopelessly inadequate 2 storey school built over 30 years ago on land donated by one of the village Elders. During the 2nd of the April 2015 earthquakes the children were in the old classrooms and had to flee just before the upper floor of the school collapsed. The new school was under construction at that point and was damaged but has been rebuilt incorporating improved earthquake resistance measures supported by a generous grant from the British Foreign School Society (BFSS).

Supporting the building work during one of the most challenging years in Nepal's recent history involved a huge effort from the small village community. Their tireless efforts ensured that the school opened on schedule in November 2015.

The school has been built through a wonderful partnership with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Fire Cadets who raised money for the construction of the classrooms and the culmination of their efforts was to travel to the remote village of Thulodhunga for the Opening Ceremony.  To put into perspective the efforts of the Fire Cadets and the local community; this was one of very few, if not the first, schools to be opened since the earthquakes – an amazing achievement. Improvements are continuing at the school with the introduction of enhanced resources and a well stocked library. 

The words of Dilkumar Rai a village elder convey the feelings of the community: "People of Thulodhunga village of Basa VDC Solukhumbu Nepal are now speechless to express their extreme happiness regarding this incomparable financial and physical contribution with full of sympathetic devotions upon their eternal prosperity." 

A special mention must go to the British Foreign School Society and its Director Imogen Wilde who not only provided earthquake resistance measures at a point where the earthquake had risked halting building work, but BFSS have also committed to supporting the provision of gender specific toilets, hygiene facilities and clean water.

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