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We are delighted to be able to start sharing Feedback from our Nepalese and UK Sister Schools' enchanting shared text ‘The Book of the Howlat’.

Chhring Tamang – our CITC Sponsored teacher at Lukla Lower Secondary School writes...

Chhiring for Howlat update "to say honestly its such a inspiring book Maam. And we all liked pictures too. Childrens were really really excited about this story. We all knew that our own beauty is the greatest things in the world gifted by the nature. We have to keep faith in ourselves and have to realise ownness and have to accept the creation of the nature. We can not change anything according to our wish. Really, we all have to be happy in our originality, I got this lesson from this book and taught my students too. Once again I want to thank to you Ma'am... .”


We have also received great feedback from East Plean Primary School where the chidren’s responses have been overwhelmingly positive.  Please click here to read their comments


Kai reading Howlat feedback update

We will share further feedback as it's received.  Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter @CITCNepal to keep up to date with all of our latest projects.


Please click here to download a blank feedback form


Hear the author James Robertson read the story aloud with illustrations



CITCNepal has been working in partnership with its UK sister schools using the captivating tale of ‘The Book of the Howlat’ written by James Robertson and illustrated by Kate Leiper as a learning stimulus.

Lesson ideas based on the book can be adapted to suit the learning needs of different age groups.  So far, children from St.James’s C.E.Primary School in Dudley, East Plean Primary School in Stirling and Shree Lukla Lower Secondary School in Nepal have benefited from exploring the characters and interpreting the meaning of this beautifully presented and thought provoking story.

The CITCNepal team are delighted to share activity ideas and resources as well as having the privilege to showcase some examples of the children’s work.  It will be fascinating for the Sister Schools to share their ideas and learning experiences. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with this initiative as well as our other exciting projects.  

If you would like to help children in some of the poorest parts of Nepal to get an education and break the cycle of poverty, please click here to make a donation.

 Children at Shree Lukla Lower Secondary School

HowlatLukla1 HowlatLukla2
HowlatLukla3 HowlatLukla4
HowlatLukla5 HowlatLukla6


 Examples of work from St.James's C.E.Primary School


 Holwat personfiy a noun Howlat character study 
 Howlat 2 invitation to meeting 1  Howlat 3 invitation to meeting
 Howlat front cover and blurb  Howlat thought bubble


 Examples of work from the children of East Plean Primary


 A P7 pupil who is helping to read the book.  

She is the vice captain of the house doing Global Citizenship

 The start of an owl pencil topper the children were making

Andrea a P7 pupil who is helping us to read the book

 The start of an owl Pencil topper the children were making
 A P3 pupil reading the story  Planning the Invitations to the Council Meeting from the story
 Kai reading  Planning invitations to council meeting 2


 Please click here to see a presentation of the children's work



Cross curricular activity ideas that can be adapted according to age and ability



Additional resource - Life cycle flow chart. Click here

Additional resource - First, then and next template. Click here